Welcome to The ByteMyzer Home Page, personal electronic haven of Matthew Reeves, musician, theater buff, poet, computer hobbyist, basic all-around eccentric (nut). Here you will find postings about musical performances, theatrical appearances, recordings and other aspects of my musical life.

Currently, this site is just barely under construction, and I hope to have the rest of my site up as soon as possible. In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that I have just finished production of a CD, a collection of classical art songs and operatic arias, which is now available on my private label.

Also, I have listed some links to some of my other favorite sites to browse (whenever I get the breathing space). Enjoy.

About ByteMyzer

To answer the second-most often asked question, it's pronounced "bite miser". Thankfully, it's not as bad as having to tell someone how to pronounce "Smith", although some of the mispronounciations (and yes, even misspellings) of THAT name can be mildly entertaining, if not outright appalling. I don't remember the most often asked question offhand, but I'm sure a dose of caffeine will jog my memory shortly...

Oh, yes, why ByteMyzer? When I first learned to program, it was on a Commodore VIC-20 microcomputer, in BASIC. This machine had only slightly more memory than a programmable pocket-calculator (slightly under 3k), without slapping on expansion memory (up to 24k), so I also learned to program in 6502 machine language. For the sake of speed and efficiency, not to mention barely any breathing room in available memory, this was by far the better programming option. When writing any piece of code, I was a severe nit-picker on the size of the applications I created, down to the nearest byte. I was nicknamed "The Bite-Miser" by several of my friends due to the fact that I never wrote code in three bytes for what I could just as easily accomplish in two.

Then along came the Commodore-64 microcomputer, which opened up a whole new universe (WOW, 64k MEMORY). Besides the obvious memory advantages, the capabilities of this machine for graphics and sound absolutely captivated me. Still, my hard-learned, memory-miserly programming habits kept the better of me; the nickname stuck. Even when I later upgraded to a Commodore-128 microcomputer, it didn't make me any less miserly with my programming space. Thus, when I chose to start "authoring" my applications, it was the most appropriate theme I could think of. Hence, ByteMyzer Softwerx was born.

Call me nuts, but I miss the days of computing on my Commodore-128. Oh, sure, these days I work chiefly with IBM-PC compatibles (database programming, some business applications, occasional graphic design and audio engineering), but the Commodore is still my workbench-delight of old. In all fairness, however, I should let you know at this point that this is NOT primarily a "Commodore" web site. All that typing you just read was simply the long version of my answer to that most often asked question I mentioned earlier (and have forgotten again, gotta get more coffee). This site is intended as a central public haven for a few crucial facets of my life.

Enjoy the site, and drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.